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What a Soul is to human life. Library is to an educational institution. We have a good and specious library where we have more than 1720 books for reference purpose, different types of magazines, news paper, journals etc. Students and teachers can sit and derive benefits by proper utilizing this library. They can get more knowledge and informations. Our library is a store house of knowledge which helps the students to solve their problems.

Computer Room

ComputerWe have well stocked Computer Lab in our School. There are 6 computers in computer Lab. There is a facility of Internet in our Computer Lab. Students solve their problems of any topic through internet related to their subjects. All students do their practical in computer Lab at their computer period. We teach students about windows, Internet, Email and other computer related things. We give information about advantages and disadvantages of internet to our students to make a good use of internet.

Smart Class

Smart_classOur School has a Mexus Smart Class Room facility. Smart class is a class where teachers teach their students through audio visual aids. It is the best way to interact with students. Students gain too much through audio, visual aids. There are so many topics related to every class nursery to 10th. We have rhymes, stories, poems etc for nursery class students. There are topics of Maths, Science, English, Hindi, Sst and other subjects for every class. Teacher gets Eye- contact with every student while using smart class. Smart class is the best way of teaching.

Science Lab

The school has its own well equipped combined Physics, Chemistry, Biology laboratory with apparatus prescribed syllabus by H.P. Board, N.C.E.R.T activities and our own organization to achieve success in this world of sharp competition. All the activities and practical work is done here time to time. At one time 25 students can do their practical work. Environment Science, Science and Technology, Science Quiz, Model construction and Science activity competition is also held here which appreciate the students to develop scientific attitude and prepare for sharp and healthy competitions.

Play ground

transportWe believe not only in mental establishment but physical and yoga progress too. Mere bookish knowledge is not sufficient for harmonious development of the students. Participating in different kinds of sports, provide our students all round development. To meet this purpose a beautiful and spacious play ground is located in the lap of nature. There are different types of swings for children for their creative purpose.

Sports & Co-Curricular Activities

transportEducation is all monotonous in absence of recreational activities . Time to time the school introduces Dance, folk dance, Art & craft, Painting. Declamation, Debates, Picnic & Educational tour, Dev Darshan yatraya in order to reveal the hidden talents of the students and to create congenial atmosphere into the school. In spite of this we have well located playground in the midst of the lap of nature and different kinds of sports conducted by the Vidya Bharti Akhil Bhartya shiksha Sasthan from jonal level to national level under well trained instructors.

Distinguished Features

Law in action :- To respect human values society we have introduced law in action . So that the students may well visualize the positive aspects of their futurities life.

Maintanance of Discipline :- Discipline is the life blood is the progress of an individual , society or country , Every civilized society rests upon the solid foundation of discipline plays a vital role in our life and in every walk of human life . The first rule of S.V.M.High school Balakrupi is to balance liberty with discipline.

Prizes ,Medals, and Certificates :-
Students are greatly honoured keeping in views their admin is tratine achievements .This is how, they really get the boost up power and encouragements for striving their best for further various as peats,


transportTransportation facility has been introduced. Keeping in view the convenience of the students so that the students from for hung areas may also be availed with it and reassemble charges takes from the students according to check and measure the distance from school to students home station charges details as below:-

Own Buses, if yes then how many Buses?

Yes =01

Details of Bus fare


Balakrupi to jnr                     2k.m.


Balakrupi to Dhelu  carve (moad)    4k.m.


Balakrupi to  Dhelu Har      4 k.m.


Balakrupi to upper Dhelu    carve (moad) 3k.m.


Balakrupi to upper yora     5k.m.


Balakrupi to Darat bagla    2k.m.


Balakrupi to Darat               2k.m. near


Balakrupi to majhwar         2k.m.near


Balakrupi to Makriri            2k.m.near


Balakrupi to Ghamrer         2k.m.near


Balakrupi to Garoru            1 k.m.


Balakrupi to seru                 1k.m.


Balakrupi to Dibnu              1. 25k.m.


Balakrupi toBnaien                 4k.m.near


Balakrupi to khwada           2k.m.near


Counselling :-
“Everybody is a genius .But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree , it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid Þ Albert Einstein Psychiligical counseling aim to help people manage their difficulties and transform personal problems into their personal growth . The department of counseling in an exhaustive value based life skills programmed which is imparted to students .Through activity mode along with workshop and seminars for students and parents .We strive to……

(1) To give the student information on matters important to success.
(2) To get information about students which will be of help in solving his problems?
(3) To establish a feeling of mutual understanding between student -teacher as well as students- parents.
(4) To help the student work out a plan for solving his difficulties.
(5) To encourage and develop special abilities and right attitudes.
(6) To inspire successful endeavor towards attainment.
(7) To assist the student in planning for educational and Vocational choice.

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